One word describes a fun, festive party …………..BALLOONS. 
With over 65 colors of latex balloons and over 1000 mylar balloons available, we’re sure we can find something to suit your celebration or event needs. We provide you with the highest quality balloons on the market.
Our latex balloons are treated with high float,  a product that is pumped into the balloons forming a barrier between the latex and helium, extending the float time from 12 – 18 hours to 5 – 7 days, allowing you to decorate for your party a day early making preparation easier for you. As well, balloons coated with high float are much stronger and don’t pop as easily.
Our mylar balloons are superior quality with self sealing valves allowing them to float for weeks. Did you know our mylar balloons can be deflated and refilled?
Check out our balloon bouquet ideas for pick up and delivery from a traditional arrangement to balloon flowers, or why not try Paula’s favorite, the whimsical “Topsy Turvey” bouquet. Balloons are the perfect addition to baby showers, and retirements and all the occasions in between. 

Did you know in most cases balloons can be used to create the same effects, styles, and color as flowers at a fraction of the cost!  Archways, centerpieces, head table and the guest book tables are great places to start.  Be sure not to miss the dance floor or ceiling!  With balloons and swags you can distract the eye from the often-unattractive ceilings.

We have a wide variety of balloon options in our store, but here are some online samples we can get for you if we don't currently have what you want already in stock.

Foil Balloons @ K&K Party Empire
Latex Balloons @ K&K Party Empire

Please contact Balloons 'N' More Party Shop directly to order any of the products you might see on these featured websites.  Prices listed are those of the suppliers and our prices will vary............ because hey after all we're in business too!!