Grass Greetings

Balloons ‘N’ More Party shop is excited to now offer “Grass Greetings” for your celebrations.  They can be used for celebrations from Birthdays to retirement and anniversaries. We even offer a birth announcement package to let all the neighbors know of your “new arrival”. Call us at 250 923 8151 to book yours!!!!!!!!

The Do It Yourself Display ($40.00) comes with the following :

4x3 foot double-sided marquee sign personalized with the recipients name and age.  Double sided signs ensure both the recipient and the roadside traffic can see the sign.  After all what good is a “Grass Greeting” that only faces the road.
Sturdy wind resistant frame for our specific weather needs
10 critters (buzzards or flamingos) each standing 2-½ ft tall with step stakes for easy lawn placement
Bouquet of long lasting birthday balloons.
Pick up the day before your “Grass Greeting” is going to be displayed and return the day after your display by 12:00.  Additional day charges are available.

Add pick up only $20.00

Set Up and Pick Up Package $90.00

Includes all of the above items
Balloons N More Staff will come and set up the display between the hours of 6:00 and 7:00 am on the recipient’s lawn.  Please note we cannot guarantee discretion, as we are unable to control the day-to-day activities of the recipient. Our staff will return after 8:00 pm in the evening to pick the display back up.
Set up and Pick up pricing is from the CR bridge to Oyster River bridge. Extra charges will apply to other locations.

Critters Only Package  (based on availability) $30.00
Includes 10 double sided critters (buzzards or flamingos) and 5 balloons.
This is a great option when you just want to add a little “FUN” to the celebration.

4x3 Personalized Sign Only (based on availability) $30.00      
A great idea for a businesses, offices, or hall parties

Extra Day Charges $10.00 / day

Birth Announcement Grass Greetings $20.00

This keepsake includes a 14” x 16” It’s a Boy / Girl sign and 5 long lasting latex balloons to enhance the announcement.

Don’t want to go as far as a buzzard or flamingo lawn greeting? Check out our "Personalized Over The Hill" lawn sign with a bouquet of attached balloons